Solidworks Design Contest

The purpose of the contest is to familiarize students with 3D modelling in Solidworks and the engineering design process, and to provide a platform for students to exercise their creativity. Participants with the best entries will be invited to present their model and briefly describe their design process to a judge panel consisting of experienced alumni and professors.

Solidworks Design Contest 2019

Solidworks Design Contest 2016

A big thank you to those for participating in this year's design contest. Congratulations to the winners below!


Help design a Rube Goldberg machine in honour of National Engineering Month in March! This year we will be working with Blue and Gold Committee to help design a Rube Goldberg machine that will represent UofT!

Addy Bhatia and Ridwan Howlader


Model one of the following existing objects. Participants will be marked for effective use of Solidworks features, accuracy and attention to detail. Participants can also redesign parts of the object for ergonomics or aesthetics.

Nikolas Crewson

Solidworks Design Contest 2015


Based on the Marble Machine Display, participants were given a chance to improve the return mechanism by designing their own, conforming to a set of specifications. Marks were given for creativity, innovation and feasibility.

Aakash Goel


An image of a tricycle was given to model. Participants were marked for accuracy, scale, and efficient use of features. Bonus marks were given to participants who made the axis, wheels and pedals rotate.

Brandon Chu and Caiden Chih

Solidworks Design Contest 2014

Campus Life

Participants from both categories were given an opportunity to model an object representing "Campus Life". This resulted in participants modeling interesting objects.

Michael Chiou & Shaun Wai Choy

Helen Meng


About Spark

The Spark Design Club builds interactive electrical and mechanical displays around campus. Our displays are built with the help of fellow Sparkers (that's you!).

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