Check out our most popular projects Sparkers have helped us build during our workshops!


November 2012

Spark held its first F!rosh Week workshop in 1T2, hosting over 100 frosh. The F!rosh put together LED throwies (magnets + LEDs + battery + tape) and tossed them at a metallic F! structure. The final result: a dazzling display of lights commemorating their first days in university.

F!rosh Week

2012 - present

For the past three years, Spark collaborated with the Engineering Orientation Committee to give incoming F!rosh a taste of engineering.


F!rosh had a chance to build and assemble parts of the project to complete a spectacular theme-based project!

Wooden Maze

March 2014

Remember the small hand-held, circular, plastic ball mazes we all had as kids?  This project was inspired by those toys but adds a twist: now gravity is working against you! Try spinning the maze to get the ball to the centre. It’s harder than it looks!


Think you’re up for the challenge?


About Spark

The Spark Design Club builds interactive electrical and mechanical displays around campus. Our displays are built with the help of fellow Sparkers (that's you!).

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Spark Design Club

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