How to be a Spark Executive

Why be a Spark Executive?

If you enjoy being creative, tackling tough design challenges, getting your hands dirty, and sharing your ideas/knowledge with others, then Spark Design Club is for you.


Immerse yourself in creative design: Spark builds multiple interactive displays every year, and each display is different. In the past five years, we have constructed over 20 displays, including a human-powered car racing game, a giant switchboard, and a Useless Box.


Share your work with the entire UofT community: our displays are showcased across campus for everyone to enjoy.


Teach hands-on engineering skills: we build our displays during drop-in workshop sessions, open to all UofT students. As an exec, you’ll plan the workshops to make them fun and interesting. Help teach workshop participants (Sparkers) how to using soldering irons or power tools.

If you would like to join the team please sign up for our mailing list, we recruit for our executive team at the end of each school year and we send out notices through our mailing list!

Mechanical Specialist

You love to work with power tools! As a mechanical specialist, you’ll be responsible for designing our displays in Solidworks, and then planning out the materials/tools/steps we’ll need to actually construct them. Mechanical executives work closely with our electrical specialists to ensure that all components fit together nicely. Plus you have the opportunity to plan our annual Solidworks Design Contest.

Electrical Specialist

You're a big fan of circuits and programming! As an electrical specialist, you will design and prototype the circuits that bring our displays to life. You’ll work with microcontrollers, motors, LEDs, speakers, and basic electronic components. In addition, you will help teach Sparkers (your fellow engineers) how to debug and solder circuits.

Finance Specialist

You're organized and good at estimating budgets! In this role you will be in charge of applying for funding for Spark. You’ll look into standard club funding options, as well as new sources of potential funding, including sponsorships and partnerships. In addition, you’ll be working closely with the entire team to ensure our projects don't go over budget - you give the thumbs up to approve the materials we order.

Graphics Design and Marketing Specialist

You love creating eye-catching promotional material, and reaching out to large audiences. As webmaster and marketing specialist, you’ll establish the presence/image of Spark online and around the UofT community. You’ll be in charge of designing advertising campaigns to inform your fellow students of upcoming Spark events, managing the content of the website, and designing graphics for marketing material.


About Spark

The Spark Design Club builds interactive electrical and mechanical displays around campus. Our displays are built with the help of fellow Sparkers (that's you!).

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Spark Design Club

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