In 2015, Spark built a Reactive LED table that was mentioned by UofT Engineering on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In 2016 Spark collaborated with You're Next Career Network to construct a display to showcase in the Winter Career Fair and Start-Up Expo! 


September 2016

F! Week 1T5

2016's F!rosh Week Theme was Harry Potter. To celebrate orientation week with incoming engineering wizards and witches, Spark built a magical giant time turner that needed their assistance to fill the hourglass with magical LED capsules. Sparkers used their knowledge of circuitry to help build the LED capsules.

Reactive LEDs

November 2015

Our first project this year was based on a LED Coffee table found on YouTube. Consisting of an array of green LEDs and IR emitters and receivers, the display would light up in close proximity to an object. Sparkers completed the display within the span of 2 workshops by soldering over 800 LEDs.

Pendulum Wave

January 2016


Collaborating with You're Next Career Network, Spark designed a display to showcase for the 2016 Winter Career Fair and the Start Up Expo. The display? A series of pendulums with various lengths producing waves with varying light patterns! Once released the pendulums would oscillate at different frequencies due to their lengths, creating a changing wavelike pattern.

About Spark

The Spark Design Club builds interactive electrical and mechanical displays around campus. Our displays are built with the help of fellow Sparkers (that's you!).

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Spark Design Club

Engineering Society, B740 Sanford Fleming,

10 King's College Road Toronto, Ontario,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G4


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