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The Spark Design Club (known as Spark) builds interactive displays that are displayed around campus. The design club is run by a team of executives from various engineering disciplines that designs the displays. Every semester Spark hosts workshop where we invite students, regardless of their experience with power tools, circuitry, or soldering, to help build our displays.

But wait...there's more

Spark also helps out for specials events such as F!rosh week! We've collaborated with clubs such as Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) and You're Next Career Network (YNCN) to designs displays. One of our displays has been showcased for YNCN Winter Career Fair and Start-Up Expo.


In addition, we also host the annual Solidworks Design Contest where students present their models to a panel of Skule Alumni and Professors.

4 Years helping out during Orientation Week

2 Club Collaborations

1 Engineering Society Award

Spark Projects

Check out our most recent projects! We've also been mentioned on social networks!

Reactive LEDs

November 16, 2015

Consisting of 800 green LEDs and 200 IR emitter and receivers, the Reactive LEDs will light up to the presence of an object nearby! This display was built over 2 weeks with the help of 30 Sparkers. Sparkers had the opportunity to learn soldering and how to use a multimeter

Pendulum Wave

January 22, 2016

Collaborating with You're Next Career Network, the Spark Design Design club built a Pendulum Wave display to showcase for the Winter Career Fair and Start Up Expo in January 2016! Consisting of pendulums with different lengths, the pendulums would oscillate at different frequencies creating a wave-like pattern

Solidworks Design Contest 2016

February 06, 2016

This year's Solidworks Deisgn Contest had participants help design a Rube Goldberg Machine for this year's National Engineering Month that will represent the University of Toronto! 

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About Spark

The Spark Design Club builds interactive electrical and mechanical displays around campus. Our displays are built with the help of fellow Sparkers (that's you!).


Spark Design Club

Engineering Society, B740 Sanford Fleming,

10 King's College Road Toronto, Ontario,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3G4


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